Alluring? Doubtful.

I added a link to my blog on Facebook because my Dad said I “needed followers” (do you want to follow me? I mean, not in a weird “I’m five steps behind you all the time always” way. You know, unless that’s how you roll… I don’t have blinds).

But let’s be honest, what is there to follow? The blogs that have dedicated readership all have themes or at least some kind of shtick.

My shtick? Obsessively making lists about myself and writing long rants. I suppose I could try to draw readers in by posting funny pictures of cats, but it’s been done (thank you LOLcats).

Besides, I’m allergic.

Anyways, this whole blog thing was my Dad’s idea. He says it is “part of his plan to turn me into some kind of writer”, but I suspect a more sinister motive. I think he was just tired of me filling up his inbox with rants and bus observations.

Joke’s on him, I still send tons of emails.

(I should let you know, I do have a point, I just seem to have a hard time getting to it … segues have never been my strong point. Now I will interrupt the flow with this hilarious Calvin and Hobbes strip before continuing on and hoping you don’t notice my awkward transition.)

Isn’t this funny?

So, I bring to you, internet friends, a list of potential “lures” to make my blog more appealing to the average joe. (If all else fails I will just make the background really shiny):

1) I could …

Well, screw it. I don’t really have any ideas for this one. Instead I am just going to continue with my longwinded and pretentious rants, interspersed with self-involved reflections and lists that satisfy my OCD tendencies.

For your enjoyment, I will even throw in the occasional funny cat picture.

I can has followers?

4 thoughts on “Alluring? Doubtful.

  1. …just you wait till you have kids and you try to motivate them… then you’ll be amazed by the inane ideas you come up with…
    … but think how experienced and effective you will then be, with the practise you’re getting now!
    … furthermore… the best way to attract new readers is to have a “contest”… who doesn’t love a contest with a prize?

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