Introductions: A Staple in Polite Society

This blog is at once both fiction and non-fiction; beautiful and mediocre. It is, like our dear Author, a collection of non sequiturs and half-completed projects, and for that fact alone it promises to be spectacular.

Who is our author you ask? She is a Branded Explorer, and a (self professed) creative genius trying desperately to fill up her spare time between life-changing events and catastrophic moments. Self-consciously narcissistic, our author has only recently returned to the world of blogging after a 2 year hiatus.

Originally hailing from the beauty that is the rain-soaked Vancouver Island, our author, a dazzlingly witty and extraordinarily clever artist of many talents, now resides in the photogenically challenged frozen north that is Edmonton. She abhors taking pictures of people and generally sticks to subjects that won’t talk back.

But that’s not all!

Endeavoring to explore all things creative, our author moves beyond photography and delights in sharing the very worst that people have to offer. Usually no more than a few paragraphs, her satirical genius more than speaks for itself. Sometimes only words will do.

There is more I could say in introduction, but the only true way to learn about this author is to read on … and on.

Enjoy the journey, dear reader, as it is often more fun than the destination.

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